Our Investments

Among those companies we have joined forces to change the world of finance, are both the well-known and shy but tenacious teams bent on making a dent in the status-quo.

digital banking

Tandem (UK), while being just one of the challenger banks in the UK, is truly revolutionary in terms of the proposed simplicity and backend tech sophistication aiming to deliver a truly intuitive digital banking service

insurance tech

Drivecred (Estonia) is a car-telematics data analytics platform allowing insurance companies, fleet managers and brokers to build pay-per-mile scoring models to support their insurance operations


Cybertonica (UK) is an AI/ML platform to reduce basket drop-off and increase sales by up to 25% while managing card-not-present and other categories of fraud


Outcasts, shunned by professional experts in the field, Revolut (UK) proved most of them wrong when they've achieved 200K users and are now offering B2B services alongside their mobile money application

Digital Financial Services

PaySend (UK) is a global payment disruptor. PaySend Global Transfers allows customers to send and receive money card2card in over 70 countries. New product will be launched in Q2 2019. The company offers services as a payment service provider, builds its own eco-system with a token


EXIT Dec 2018

Albert (UK) is a smart invoicing platform allowing millions from the gig economy realm to manage finances and maintain business relationships with their customers

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Capitalise (UK) identifies the best financing options available to SMEs by partnering with over 80 institutional lenders including accounting firms to offer funding matching, execution and analytics

Big Data analytics / loyalty

EXIT Feb 2019

FF (Germany) is a consumer data analytics platform for payment institutions and banks, that merges happiness and behavioural economics to drive mass adoption of savvy consumer spending paths.

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SBDA Group Ltd. provides retail banks with solutions for boosting customer engagement and cross-selling in digital channels. The company develops machine learning mechanism that allows banks to offer a personalized and automated financial advice service to their customers